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FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) introduces young people, ages 10 to 14 (grades 4-8), to the fun and excitement of science and technology while building self-confidence, knowledge, and valuable career and life skills. FLL® challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers. Alongside adult Mentors, FLL® teams solve problems using engineering concepts, presentation techniques, and robots.

FLL® is a journey of self-discovery for everyone involved: team members, coaches, parents, and volunteers. Alongside adult Mentors, FLL® teams solve problems using engineering concepts, presentation techniques, and robots. Everyone learns skills they can use for life, including respect, professionalism, teamwork, leadership, creativity, and spirit.

Our teams work with mentors and coaches to work on the Challenges set forth from FIRST®. During the summer and beginning of fall, we begin organizing the team and work on team building. We also learn about specific things we’ll need when it comes to building the robot and running the team. In August, we learn what this year’s theme will be and from then through November we program, design and build our robot and work on our real-world problem! During November and December, we travel to competitions and have a great time meeting other teams, checking out all the different robots that have been built, presenting our project, and of course, cheering for our robot. Once the competition season is over we plan fun events and even start planning for the next year! We work diligently to increase teams and coaches and mentors for future seasons. We also work during the off-season by providing fun programs and classes, such as, Intro to Ev3 Programming Session 1 and Session 2.

The FLL® Core Values are the cornerstones of thee FLL® program. They are among the fundamental elements that distinguish FLL® from other programs of its kind. By embracing the Core Values, participants learn that friendly competition and mutual gain are not separate goals, and that helping one another is the foundation of teamwork.

FIRST® Core Values

We express the FIRST philosophies of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition through our Core Values:

  • Discovery: We explore new skills and ideas.
  • Innovation: We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.
  • Impact: We apply what we learn to improve our world.
  • Inclusion: We respect each other and embrace our differences.
  • Teamwork: We are stronger when we work together.
  • Fun: We enjoy and celebrate what we do!
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