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Cool Orange LEGO Athletes 2018

Into Orbit

Our teams researched topics concerning living in outer space with particular attention to solving problems that occur with humans and/or equipment traveling in space.

The pictures above show our teams at the Challenger Learning Center where they learned about the work astronauts perform while in space, as well as shooting off a paper rocket they had made. We had so much fun while learning!

We broke off into three teams this year.

One team found a new way for an astronaut to brush their teeth when they recognized an astronaut swallows the toothpaste used. Yuck!

Another team researched the effects of being lonely in space and brainstormed a virtual reality program which shows scenes of an astronauts' home town and pictures of their families.

Our third team researched dangerous situations in space which led them to become interested in the rover, Opportunity. They read that the rover had stopped communicating with earth because of a dust storm. They then designed elements, such as a wiper for the panels and a light to recharge the solar battery, to keep Opportunity working.

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