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BRICKSHARE and Care Program

Mission: To receive donated building bricks and blocks to keep them from going to the landfill and give them to under-served kids to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills.

Why bricks and blocks? Building with bricks and blocks gives many skills and may lead you to a career field in engineering.

Survey says: Playing with plastic bricks and blocks increases an interest in engineering; technical; and math skills; teaches you how to follow directions and blossoms imagination.

How will the program work?

We will use a referral application process to identify kids in need. We will also use word-of-mouth and target under-served schools, and foster children.

Who will we benefit?

Under-served kids – kids that do not have plastic bricks and blocks.

Everyone- we will help keep unrecyclable toys from the landfill and get unused toys out of people’s homes.


We will sort according to color, shape, and size. We will leave kits the way they are.


Rarely do you have broken plastic bricks and blocks. But if we do not have many, we can recycle them at Republic Services.

Re-use: Giving plastic bricks and blocks to under-served kids so they can play with them and show them links to learn how to play with them.

Clean: Disinfectant wipes and/or Sanitation wipes; Soap and water first, if needed.

Package: Ziploc bags was our first choice, but we realized they would not easily be recycled. So we will use paper lunch bags with our logo and information.

Distribute: At events or at foster homes or at church/school.

How many under-served children we have helped: 10 to date

How to receive donations:  

A referral application must be completed. Donated used or new bricks and blocks are intended for under-served children that currently do not have them for play.

Donations depend upon inventory and will be given on a first come, first served basis.

For a referral application, email "Brickshare" in the subject line to

What to expect:

A bag filled with clean, new or used plastic bricks and blocks to build and play using your imagination. A sheet with internet links will be provided to help you with ideas!

Benefits of playing with plastic bricks and blocks:

Following directions

Interested in Engineering




Social Skills


To donate used bricks and blocks, use the contact information below. Thank you!

This program is sponsored by:

Circle of Light Associates Non-Profit Organization;

COLA STEM Initiative; and

COLA Contracting Services - Safety Admin.

320 Brookes Dr, Suite 223A,

Hazelwood MO 63042


Applications may be denied due to the discretion of Circle of Light Associates

Non-Profit Organization's employees or program volunteers.

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